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Desktop vs Mobile Visibility

The direct comparison of a domain‘s Desktop and Mobile SEO Visibility provides you with a sophisticated performance analysis for a device specific identification of problems and potentials. With the Historical Movile Visibility, you can see whether a domain has been affected by Visibility changes in the past at one glance.

Having a look at the tabular overview of Desktop vs Mobile Rankings you are able to identify specific ranking differences based on individual keyword data. Furthermore, you are provided with the device specific URL as a base for comparison. Finally, a list of winner and loser keywords based on a comparison of the two most recent data points gives you quick information about current ranking and position changes.

Local Mobile Rankings

The influence of local factors is even more important regarding Mobile than it is for Desktop when it comes to the degree of the individualization of search results. With the local Mobile Visibility, you are provided with information about individual local rankings for multiple cities and several countries. This enables you to analyze a domain’s Mobile Performance according to different locations.

With the Historical Local Mobile SEO Visibility you are able to identify changes over a certain time period. Moreover, you can create comprehensive reportings using the bar chart view displaying current data. Here too, you can see specific Local Mobile Keyword Rankings, including position information for each city available.

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