created on: 01. October 2023
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AdWords: Valuable additional information

SEA managers know and value the Google AdWords tool as it contains extensive information. But of course Google is only transparent to a limited degree. The tool does not offer the option of comparing competitors directly, and the achieved rankings on the search results pages are of course not illustrated in detail. However, it is a decisive factor whether an ad is displayed above or next to the organic search results. Paid Visibility in the SEO+SEM Essentials provides exactly this data.

Who is ranking?

It’s easy to find out who is ranking in 1st to 3rd position for a keyword, just google it. However, it is the more detailed data that makes the difference. For example the Paid Index: Who is still positioned in the last positions? Who has the best AdWords positions? Often, the Universal Search plays an equally important role: who placed themselves in the News snippet position? Who in Maps position? The ranking report knows them all.

About Searchmetrics

Searchmetrics is the pioneer and leading global provider of search analytics, digital marketing software and SEO services. It operates the Searchmetrics Suite, an innovative, interactive SEO platform that offers a holistic consulting approach to helping companies develop and execute intelligent, long term digital marketing and content strategies.

The award-winning research section of our SEO software includes the functions SEO, PPC, as well as social, links, and keyword research: Customized website and SEO analysis for comprehensive search engine optimization.

If you want to know more about SEO or to have more information on certain terms and their definitions, please visit our Glossary.

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